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There’s a war for attention raging right now.
How you break through to stand out, get seen and be heard depends on three things:

Your messaging, your visibility and the quality of your relationships.

You know if you’re getting it right when you are attracting your perfect-fit clients, making great sales and booked out with brilliant projects, with plenty more in the pipeline.

But you also need strategies and systems to keep those new prospects filling your funnel and converting into paying customers.  

That's where i come in...

Once you have complete clarity on your messaging you can take it any which way you like:

  • Persuasive launch copy, like landing pages, sales pages and email sequences
  • SEO optimised website copy
  • Content marketing services like blogs and social media posts.
  • Speaking topics and storytelling for podcasts, broadcasts, conferences and summits

Flurry Marketing is all about creating powerful messaging and pairing it with copywriting and public relations services, to make sure your brand makes an impact on many levels.

→ your messaging matters more than you think


“Ella is super supportive, a strategic thinker and a great asset to have on your team.”

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“I can see how small (carefully worded) changes can make a big difference.”

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Ways to Work Together

Marketing is a two way conversation, not a one way street

You’re attracting the wrong people or confusing clients with mixed messages that miss the mark.

this'll fit you like a hand in a glove if:

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Benefit from the followng: Customer Insights, Market Analysis, Positioning, Voice of Customer Analysis,  Competitive Audits, Brand Voice Analysis, Stages of Awareness, Persuasive Frameworks, Information Architecture, Psychology, Interviews, Surveys, Audience Data

Your copy is the tip of the iceberg.
It's what lies beneath that matters most.

Messaging Strategy

find your voice

Website Copywriting

i need this!
When your website feels like a ghost town, your words just aren’t working hard enough for you or getting the traffic or enquiries that you need. You don’t know why exactly, but you feel your energy waning at the thought of writing another page of web copy. You see your competition crushing it and you think - that should be me! Frankly you just know you could do better - and it’s time to get professional help.

High converting copy, starts with a solid foundation - and that starts with your customers.

Some crucial ingredients in my (not-so) secret copywriting sauce include:
  • Brand Voice guides to sound you out and make sure your copy is neat and consistently styled, no matter who is writing it.  
  • Voice of Customer market research, ‘cos there's no point in writing killer web copy if it is not aligned with what your prospects actually want and need.  
  • SEO optimised keyword research and topical authority mapping

Done with DIYing your website copy? I'll take care of words while you take care of business.


You’re rebranding and you need the world to know, with dialed in messaging, clear positioning and super copy for more conversions.

write your words

Are ready to build your brand and reputation with a voice that needs to be heard.

we're a match made in heaven if you:

want some positive pr?

When your perfect customer reads about you in their favourite publication, or hears someone interview you on a podcast you get maximum credibility and kudos. 

Because this is not simply you or your voice telling the world how good you are, this is the words of another trusted and powerful source - the media.  

When you show up on other peoples podcasts and in the press you get the benefit of third party endorsement. Favourable press coverage and column inches provides credibility, authority and social proof.

Grow your influence and authority as a thought leader as a guest on other people’s podcasts and pages.

Podcast PR

tell your story

Launch Copywriting

show me how
You’ve validated your offer, you’re ready to launch and you want to make some cold hard cash while you're at it? Damn right!

You have an incredible business and some game-changing offers, yet your words don't convey what you need them to say.

You know this because you’re not attracting enough of the right-fit clients to sign up to your courses and programmes. Something’s outta whack.

Let’s face it, when you’re busy in your business, writing word perfect sales copy is the brain drain you don't have time for (but you know has the power to ring in the ka-ching).

Isn’t it time to pass off the copywriting and launch strategy to a pro who can capture the passion and personality of your brand in a way that connects and converts?

While you sit back, take a helicopter view and watch your done-for-you launch copy do the heavy lifting.

So you want to sell out your next launch? I see you change-maker!

this is perfect for you if:

You have a game-changing offer, but you’re spinning too many plates. You need to hand-off the copy so that you can show up for your students as your best self.

sell your stuff