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With persuasive words that do the heavy-lifting

Conversion Copywriting and Podcast PR for Trailblazing Creatives

i see you change maker

What your customer really wants to buy is a better, happier, sunnier version of themselves. With fewer problems and more freedom.  I write human-centred words that speak to their inner voice - and inspire action with emotion AND logic. Through the head AND the heart.

How? I combine deep-research, strategic storytelling and persuasive copywriting techniques to motivate buyers with words that convert.

And I couple that with Public Relations expertise and digital PR tactics to elevate your authority and extend your sphere of influence. Think third-party endorsement through podcast tours and media campaigns.  

Words and PR are a powerful combo that’ll brings ALL the right people to your table (and sends the wrong ones packing). 

You're in the business of selling products and services, right? Think again.

Convert more browsers into buyers, in an anti-boring, true-to-you, ethical way

my one purpose

Hi, I'm Ella

A copywriter, podcaster and PR pro, who ties it all together with a marketing bow. Flurry Marketing creates excitement around brands. It's all about getting the results you need and building the reputation you deserve.
With 15 years of experience in the field of public relations, journalism and communications I’ve brought my old school marketing methods bang-up-to date with a new and evolving social media and digital PR & SEO skill set.

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who am i?

Conversion Copywriting is at the Core of What I Do

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We’re talking words that build relationships, that explain, that educate and entertain and above all, convert.  

Words are the lifeblood that underpins our communications and sell our services. Words have the final say.

Time has come for you to level up with a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist so that you can power boost your results, reach more people and make the impact you’ve always craved.

No business can exist in the online space without great copy

A stellar sales page is nothing without a steady inflow of web traffic, an engaged email list and a funnel full of warm leads.  

The most awe-inspiring promise you make means nothing if you don't have the reputation to uphold it.

And that’s where my PR services come in.

There's more to the puzzle than that

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but you also know...

But the highest conversions need the pre-requisite groundwork in place.  People buy from people. People they know, people they like, people they trust.  Not some random stranger they just bumped into online.  To stand out online you need more than kick-ass copy and a watertight launch funnel.


Authority and credibility

Outreach beyond your engaged audience of warm leads

At least 20 digital touchpoints

A digital presence that creates emotional connections and builds relations with the people you meet

A 360* digital sensory experience that means you’re seen, heard, understood and remembered

Third-party endorsement from others in your sphere of influence

Social proof that demonstrates you’re trusted, credible and will do what you say

Conversion copywriting has the power to bring the highest return on your marketing investment and bring the most cash to your bottom line.

Let's Make You Impossible to Ignore

Conversion Copy

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Time's up for limp copy. 
"Teach me how to zjuizz it up, Ella!"  
I want my words to work harder.


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Get booked on your dream podcasts
Take off the invisibility cloak
Reach new audiences
Pitch to get rich

Brand Messaging

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Get ready to level up your messaging foundations with a research-backed game plan that will engage, convert, and retain your customers for the long haul.

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"The sales page is fab, the copy so on point and the emails that went with it were spot on!"

Words tell, but stories sell.

Get your mitts on my story starter guide and find new ways to tell stories that connect and build your relationships online. Use the prompts to recall pivotal moments and relatable slices of life that you can share in your emails or on your socials. Learn how to build a bridge back to your business message. Make it memorable and keep your audience hungry for more.


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